Seriously Confused EP

by Edison

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released August 29, 2013

Jannik Valerius Korsvold - Lead vocals, backing vocals, sequencing
Kai Sevrin Kleivenes - Lead/rhythm guitar
Håkon Stavik Rønning - Bass
Thomas Viten - Drums, percussion, backing vocals

Additional musicians:
Thomas Netland - Rhythm guitar, percussion

Recording engineer: Håkon Stavik Rønning
Mixing and mastering: Jannik Valerius Korsvold
Produced by Edison

Cover photo and cover art by Jannik Valerius Korsvold



all rights reserved


Edison Trondheim, Norway

We are a four piece rock band based in Trondheim, Norway.

If you like rock and/or roll, you should totally listen to our new EP; It contains both.

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Track Name: Plastic's Gone
We're in a world we think is safe
But is it really so,
or is it only we who think we know?

So, now, I guess, the times have changed
Let's not pretend it's not
It's time to hop a different train of thought

Go with the flow
Where's it coming from
Rolling with the MC Someone,
he's the one
Did it with the style
They used to be impressed
But it's a different time now,
so call the press

It's a fantastic future; Plastic's gone!
It's a fantastic future; Plastic's gone!
It's a fantastic future; Plastic's gone!
It's a fantastic future; Plastic's gone!
So, is there hope for humans after all?

What is the beauty of the old?
What does a piece of plastic do?
Are we just too damn stubborn to see the truth?

Until now I had all my access
to what I needed in plastic
So is it over or overflowing?
Guess only time can tell...
Track Name: Rock 'N' Roller Coaster
Come on people, time to rock 'n' roll!
Scream and shout, just lose control!
I tell ya, there’s no limits, no right or wrong
Empty your bottles, bottoms up!

Here we are at the coolest bar
There’s no-one here that don’t know who we are
We're gonna turn the whole place upside-down
So come on, come on, let’s rock this town!

When rock 'n' roll takes control,
there’s no way turning back

Rock 'n' roll never been this strong
Surrender yourself, give up control
Tonight we're gonna party, join along
Get into the groove and let it roll
Rock 'n' roll never been this strong
Surrender yourself, give up control
I'm on a rock 'n' roller coaster, yeah!

Sirens in the distance, cops moving in
Party’s almost over, time to leave the scene
Let’s find an after party with girls to score
So drink up your beer and party on!

Empty bottles are scattered on the floor
And all the lights are out in every house next door
But from our stereo you still can hear a sound
The sound of rock 'n' roll!
Track Name: Your Pants
When I first saw your face
I knew that it was right
When you looked into my eyes
I knew that it was love at first sight
It's a feeling in the air
We grab our jackets and get out of here
Let's take this thing elsewhere

Suddenly it is you and me
Have we found eternal bliss?
Keep recalling the memory
of the first time that we kissed
But once we get inside,
you close your eyes and tell me "not tonight"
It's like you changed your mind

Is it the way i do my hair,
do you even care?
Is it the way my body smells?
Because I can't tell?
I really really gotta know

Why you
always avoid me and hide, you,
why don't you let me inside you?
I can't seem to get into your pants
why do you always say maybe
Deep down I know that you want me
But I can't seem to get into your pants

Guess it'll be a mystery
why you run away from me
Why do you walk away
the second we head for the sheets?
We were both so in the mood
It was like a dream come true
I'm begging you
I'm seriously confused

Is it the way i do my hair,
do you even care?
Is there something between my teeth
'cause I've been eating greens?
Oh baby, babe, you gotta tell me
Track Name: Fashionably Late (For Life)
In this world that we live in,
we're all playing for time
It's a constant power struggle
to be recognized
It's a tricky situation
when everyone's tryin' to stand out
But when you're off beat,
you don't have to be so loud
No, no, no

I tell ya, I never plan ahead
for what awaits me around the bend
While you're at work I'm sleeping in my bed

'Cause I'm
Fashionably late for life
Keepin' it real, yeah, I'm doin' just fine
Fashionably late for life
Party's barely started, It's gonna be alright

My friends are always trying
to be so cool and hip
They just want the latest of everything
I can't stand it
I never cared for fashion
Still, I'm all about the style
If you're surrounded by lights,
then it's pointless to shine
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I tell ya, I'm never on the run
Just wake up to say good bye to the sun
I mean, what's the rush, my life has just begun